The holiday season is quickly approaching. Decorations, presents, food, and time with friends and family is just around the corner for many Manitobans.


But this season can also be stressful too, especially for families struggling with limited resources. Sometimes, something as simple as a gift for a child can push a family into financial distress, which may translate into less food for themselves and their pets. The burden can even force some people with restricted or fixed incomes give up their much-loved pets to animal shelters at this time of year. We believe these pets deserve loving homes with their families and full food bowls.


The Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association is inviting Manitobans to help this cause by dropping off unopened tins or bags of cat and dog food at participating veterinary clinics.


Each of the participating clinics will choose who they would like to support. Many people and organizations in our province may be in need of pet food. The participating clinics can donate their items to a family, a local food bank or to an animal organization or shelter.


Donations can be made until December 19th, so please encourage your co-workers, friends and family to support this worthy cause and let’s make the holiday season a little brighter.