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    Thunder is a 13 ½  year-old American Eskimo with two passions – car rides and walks. Until five years ago, I’d often say he’d happily walk to Africa if I’d let him lead me there on his leash. Then he slowed down dramatically. Thunder was diagnosed with arthritis. Even with medication, it reached a point where he’d have a hard time making it around the block.

    My how times change with a lot of prayer and a wonderful vet. Dr. Tracy Radcliffe examined every inch of Thunder and made treatment decisions that have vastly improved our lives. Thunder is still on medication. However, I noticed an improvement, particularly in the limping and his ultra-sensitive back, after acupuncture treatments. He improved even more after a few sessions on the magnetic therapy bed.

    To helplessly watch one’s four-legged baby suffer is a terrible thing. I am so very grateful to Dr. Radcliffe for making my boy feel so much better.

    I believe Thunder is also grateful. This is the first doctor’s office I haven’t had to push, pull or carry him into. He appreciates her gentle, caring nature and the way she talks to him. He happily trots in, like he knows we are both in good hands.

    Linda Slobodian

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    Dr. Sandy Barclay is the second veterinarian that I have visited since moving to Brandon in July 2011.  I have a younger cat (Ferguson) that has the misfortunate diagnosis of advance renal disease and I was unhappy with the care that I was getting at the first veterinarian clinic that I went to.

    I immediately felt comfortable at Brandon Animal Clinic as the  staff is always friendly, accommodating, and eager to help.  I was especially impressed with Dr. Barclay as she took the time to listen and take my concerns seriously.  She works diligently to figure out what is going on medically and goes above and beyond as she liaises with other colleagues and consults specialists when needed.  Since changing Ferguson’s medications, I have seen great improvement and feel confident that his health lies in great hands.  This clinic also accommodates me in providing vital fluid replacement twice weekly, as I cannot do this on my own.

    I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone as I have received nothing short of exemplary care!


    Jennifer Fotti and Ferguson, Brandon, MB

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    We have entrusted the Brandon Animal Clinic with the care of our kids for over 25 years. Dr. Sandy Barclay, Dr. Tracy Radcliffe and the clinic staff are warm and friendly and have a genuine love and concern for their clients and their pets. No issue seems unimportant to them.The clinic has a warm and inviting atmosphere making it less stressful for the whole family.If you are looking for a place where they understand your love of your pets, this is the place.

    Diana Bull (Sophie, Francis and Cinnamon)

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    The Brandon Animal Clinic, in particular Dr. Sandy Barclay, has cared for my dogs for years. Whether it is vaccinations and check-ups or more serious conditions, my dogs get excellent care.

    The best testimonial probably comes from one of my current dogs, Daisy. She has a condition that requires frequent lab work, involving several hours each visit. The clinic is her favorite place to go! She gets excited as we park and she can’t wait to get inside to see all her friends who treat her like a princess.  Brandon Animal Clinic gets a 5-woof rating from her!

    Gail Carroll, Brandon MB

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    I have been a client at BAC since moving to Brandon in Fall 2009 from Regina. In looking for the right clinic to meet my needs and those of my dogs, I phoned around to different clinics in Brandon.  Mindy, the office manager was the one who answered my call and spent a lot of time talking to me and answering my questions.  I have a special needs dog that needs lots of conventional and unconventional care.  She was wonderful and patient and booked me in to see Dr. Barclay.  I brought in my dogs and was very impressed with Dr. B and the time she took with me in trying to get a good sense of the whole picture.  She is smart, honest, welcoming and most of all she thinks outside the box!  She doesn’t give up on the tough cases, she finds it a challenge.  We have had to go to Saskatoon for emergency treatment with two of our dogs and she called ahead, made the necessary arrangements and was on top of the situation, and provided excellent follow up care.  She literally saved both of my dogs lives.  She genuinely cares about the well being of your pet and of your well being too.  Her clinic is very progressive and offers acupuncture and holistic care which I have used many times for my dog with Dr. Radcliffe, who is very comforting. The front staff and vet techs all know my pets by name and are always eager to help me in any way they can.  I am there a lot due to chronic health issues of my 11 year old Cocker spaniel.  Most clinics would have thrown in the towel, but not BAC..  They are on your side and are willing to go that extra mile.  I would not hesitate to recommend BAC to all of my friends, family and acquaintances.  I trust that the care I receive is top notch and reasonable, they see you as a pet lover and not as a dollar sign.  Thanks Dr. Barclay and your amazing staff for all of the wonderful care you have given us and our furry children.  You are the best!

    Cheryl Karlinsky, Brandon MB

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    We first met Dr. Barclay as a relatively new graduate. In the now almost 20 years that she has been our veterinarian we have watched her grow from an apprentice veterinarian, to a confident competent business owner providing, in her own practice and through the practice of her colleagues and staff, skilled and compassionate veterinary care.

    Dr Barclay has always been willing to listen, to really hear owners concerns and to respond in a meaningful way. Her clinic is exemplary – polite, knowledgeable staff, quick responses to questions and options such as acupuncture and Chinese veterinary practice for those who choose it as part of their pets’ care.

    Dr. Barclay has seen us through the lives of seven dogs and two cats and we cannot imagine anyone better to make that journey with.

    Renee Will, Brandon MB