Dr. Sandy Barclay

Dr. Sandy Barclay graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 and has been in Brandon since 1991. This is home for her, as she was raised in the nearby town of Souris, MB. Dr. Barclay believes deeply in the human-animal bond and recognizes the importance of our pets as our friends. This is apparent when entering her home that she shares with all of her furry friends. Although the family is currently “dogless” (the right one will come along), the felines of the home Gulliver, Jesse and Ben can be found lying in the sun spots around the house when they aren’t perched in their cat tree! Dr. Barclay is extremely proud of the non-clinical, home-like atmosphere we have created for your pets to visit!

Gulliver and J.D. are proud to pose with their “mom” in this picture!